Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jang Geun Suk takes the lead in You`re My Pet

Only one news outlet is reporting this, but Jang Geun-seok has reportedly been finalized as the lead in the Korean movie version of You’re My Pet, a remake of Japanese drama Kimi wa petto. The movie had gone through an earlier casting round and selected Kim Hyun-joong as the cute “pet” to a fashion-editor careerwoman, a role that was once rumored to be Su Ae’s.

According to Star News, Jang has decided on the role and is currently finalizing the details. An A-list actress (yet-unnamed) is the top contender for the female lead, and once the rest of the casting is made official, the movie will begin filming.

This ought to be interesting — back when Kim Hyun-joong was supposedly headlining, I had been turned off because his acting is SO inadequate that it even got in the way of my finding him physically attractive; in Boys Before Flowers, my annoyance with the acting spilled over into annoyance with the character. But Jang Geun-seok is not only pretty, he’s got comic chops as well as dramatic ones. Plus, there’s the fun trivia tidbit of Jang taking over this role from Kim considering that he had initially wanted to play the Ji-hoo role in Boys Before Flowers (which, of course, eventually went to Kim).

(The source article says Jang’s casting is a done deal, but until I see other outlets reporting this news, I’m not fully convinced this is final. For what it’s worth.)

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  1. Sukkie had to loose some weight to be into character. I'm biased, hesitating to see how the story goes, if there will be same skinship as was the original Japanese drama. Can't watch. But happy that JGS will be in another project. Admirable very busy fellow and love by many.